Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai


Global Village Dubai

Duration :   5 Hours
Price From :    45,00 د.إ
Max People :    100
Start Location:   Dubai Global Village
Total Seats :  100/100
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Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai. With a unique blend of entertainment, shopping, and culinary experiences from around the globe, Global Village Dubai stands as a gateway to a myriad of international delights that are sure to captivate the senses and ignite the spirit of adventure within every visitor. Embracing the keywords of ‘cultural experiences’ and ‘international delights,’ this global extravaganza showcases the vibrant tapestry of the world’s cultures, offering an unparalleled opportunity to immerse oneself in a celebration of diversity.

In a bustling world where connections span the globe, Global Village Dubai remains an unparalleled hub of cultural exchange. With a fusion of entertainment, shopping, and delectable international cuisine, this vibrant destination offers a passport to a world of wonder, bringing together the finest aspects of global culture under one mesmerizing roof. Indulge in a journey of discovery at Global Village Dubai and unlock the treasures of the world, one captivating experience at a time.


It’s a souvenir shopper’s paradise! From charming curios and trinkets to cherished collectibles and handcrafted artisan products, guests enjoy a genuine souq experience across our 3,500+ shops. They can bargain and haggle with amicable sellers and walk away with a treasure trove of authentic products and mementos from the region and beyond.


Tuck into food from around the world. Our guests are spoilt for choice with over 300 dining concepts across restaurants, cafes, and kiosks. Your customers will find the number 1 street food experience in the region along with innovative culinary experiences like the Floating Market and Indian Chaat Bazaar serving spicy and savoury East and South Asian staples. And plenty of chances to sample traditional Emirati delicacies too.

Rides and Attractions

Over 160 exhilarating rides, awesome games, and extraordinary fund for the entire family – follow the shrieks of excitement to guide your group to the Carnival funfair.

Heritage Village

For guests looking for a glimpse into Emirati culture, the Heritage Village is the place to go. Complete with camels, falcons and welcoming locals just waiting to tell your guests their stories.

What's Included

  • Outing Ticket

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